Things to consider when organising an event

Lotteries (raffles, etc)

Lotteries and games of chance (raffles, tombola, blind cards, domino cards etc) cannot be run for private or personal gain, but they can be held for charitable or other non-commercial activities.

Holding a lottery without being registered 

If you answer yes to all the below statements, you can hold the lottery without being registered:

  • Tickets or chances will only be sold at, and to people attending the event
  • All of the proceeds (profit if any) from the event, after deducting expenses will be devoted to purposes other than private gain
  • All the prizes will be non-money prizes
  • The lottery will be drawn at the event

If your answer to any of these statements is no, you might need to be registered to hold lotteries.

Please get further advice from South Tyneside Council, Licensing Section on 0191 424 7695.