Things to consider when organising an event


The safety of people attending your event will depend on the competency of your stewards.

All stewards should: 

  • be aged over 18
  • be fit to carry out the duties given to them
  • be helpful, conscientious and disciplined people
  • be alert to what is happening around them
  • monitor the crowd at all times (not watch the event)
  • be easily recognisable by wearing high visibility vests or tabards

Your Risk Assessment will help you determine how many stewards are needed and where they should be located.

This should consider:

  • the audience's age
  • projected size of audience
  • time of event
  • size of site

You should make sure that all stewards: 

  • get a written statement of their duties
  • get a site plan showing key features
  • are fully aware of their role in an emergency situation 

Depending on the size of the site, and where your event is taking place, stewards may need a separate system of communication (two-way radios).

To make sure stewards are properly organised, there should be a chief steward/marshal.

This would preferably be someone who is a member of the event organising committee.