Organising an event


  1. Things to consider
  2. Tell us about the event / enquire about using Council land
  3. Feedback
  4. Contact the Safety Advisory Group

Stage 1 - Things to consider

Read this information thoroughly as it will provide you with details of the type of information that the Council will need from you.

This information is for organisations wanting to arrange an event on land or open space owned by the Council.

It also applies to events which are being staged on private land.

Things to consider when organising an event

Stage 2 - Tell us about the event / enquire about using Council land

  • If you would like to arrange an event on Council land (e.g. parks, open space, South Shields' amphitheatre)
    It is essential that you tell us about the event and where you would like it to be held.
  • If you are arranging an event on private land
    Telling us about the event means that the Safety Advisory Group (Council, Police, Fire, Ambulance etc) can review your event plans and offer advice and guidance.

Ideally, give three months' notice for smaller events, and six months' notice for larger events.

This gives us enough time to provide a comprehensive response.

Tell us about the event

Stage 3 - Feedback

We will check if the venue is available and suitable for the type of event, and let you know as soon as possible.

We will circulate your plans to the Safety Advisory Group (Council, Police, Fire, Ambulance etc) and provide you with a co-ordinated response.

For events on Council land, any guidance offered by the Safety Advisory Group must be implemented.

See full details on what happens after you tell us about the event.

Contact the Safety Advisory Group

For more information, contact the Safety Advisory Group at South Tyneside Council:

Phone: 0191 424 7899