Things to consider when organising an event


For all events, there must be plenty of space for the public to move around the site and to have clear exit routes.

You should:

  • prepare a final sketch plan of the site, preferably to scale, showing the position of all the activities / attractions, circulation routes and exits. This should be to a scale of 1:100 or 1:200. This drawing should be updated if your plans change, and copies of the final version should be held with the safety officer at the event.
  • have enough exits for a mass orderly evacuation on site.
  • have the entrance and exit routes identified for emergency vehicles - these should be agreed with the emergency services bearing in mind the size and weight of their appliances.
  • make sure that vehicle and pedestrian queues do not obstruct movement on nearby roads
  • make sure that you have enough capacity within your site.
  • arrange separate vehicle and pedestrian entrances and exits to the site to avoid conflict or stop vehicle access while the public is entering or leaving. Make sure that the road or footway that they are entering is wide enough to accommodate them safely.
  • make sure that vehicle and pedestrian entrances are well stewarded.
  • allocate car parking areas to eliminate hazards to pedestrians (like reversing vehicles).
  • if there are car parking areas on your event site, consider locating stewards in these areas.
  • vehicle movement in public areas during your event should be forbidden, except in emergency situations. If vehicles need to move this should be done under the close supervision of stewards.