Things to consider when organising an event

Firework displays

Due to the specific risks involved in staging firework displays, it is always preferable for them to be planned and staged by a specialist firework company.

Large scale displays using Category 4, major display type fireworks, must be fired by professional operators only.

Guidance on organising displays is available at Health and Safety Executive (HSE): Organising firework displays.

For events on Council owned land

For events on land owned or controlled by the Council, you will need to advertise your firework display locally, at least two weeks before the event.

This is so arrangements can be made for the welfare of vulnerable people, and any pets or other animals who may be close to the event site.

For events on private land

For displays held on private land, you are encouraged to follow the same protocol.

Looking after animals

Guidance on looking after animals during firework displays can be found at animal welfare during firework displays.

Risk assessment and safety plans

The risk assessment / safety plan should be specific around how the risks of your firework display have been assessed.

It should include a plan of the site, usually showing firing zones, drop zones, spectator zones and stewarding arrangements to make sure the crowd will be safe.