Home education: Subjects to teach


The computer is not a teacher; it is a learning resource, and using it should be collaboration between teacher and learner.

Home learners tend to be heavier users of the internet than children in schools, partly because they rely more on distant learning and partly because there's not as much competition for hardware.

Staying safe on the internet

You should always know what your child is doing on the computer and who, if anyone, they're in contact with; if you don't, you should at least know they're safe.

A good website that teaches children how to stay safe online is Kid smart.

Using the computer and the internet

Open Office is a free office suite you can download instead of the commercial office suite. Office suites are programmes like word processor, spreadsheet, database, presentation software etc.

You can download open office and find links to help and training on how to use the programmes on the Open Office website.

You can learn more about how to use the internet better at Internet 101.