Home education: Subjects to teach


Your child might feel a bit self-conscious about their drawing skills, but the more they do it, the better the results and the greater the confidence. And when you're educating at home, your child's first few tries at art don't need to be shown to everyone.

Drawing and painting are also great ways to organise thoughts or fix memories or explain things to other people. And a pencil and some drawing paper are not very expensive.

Art galleries and museums

In South Tyneside

The Customs House offers a number of Saturday morning sessions. Please contact them directly on mail@customshouse.co.uk to see what is on offer.   

South Shields Museum and Art Gallery on Ocean Road.

Art on the Riverside is a fourteen piece art collection along the riverside. It includes the three major works the Conversation Piece, Landing Lights and the Spirit of South Shields.

Tyne and Wear museums

Tyne and Wear has a number of galleries. Search online for "Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums" to see what's available and see the current programme.