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Learning to play a musical instrument seems to have a positive effect on other areas of education.

When a child becomes good at playing an instrument, their maths and English results seem to get better.

Music lessons and resources

Music doesn't need to be expensive - you can buy a new recorder for under £5, or a playable secondhand guitar for about £20. You can also ask around your family and friends as they might have some old instruments already.

You probably know someone who can play the guitar, so persuade them into giving your child a few free lessons.

There are free online instrumental lessons too. Use a search engine or, for example, take a look at the Guitar Compass website.

You might even know how to play something already, so pass on that skill. If not, why not learn together?

Music projects

Once your child gets to a good level of playing an instrument, check for local opportunities to play with other young people.

South Tyneside Youth Orchestra

The Youth Orchestra are classical musicians who meet every week.

Tuition is also available, although there is an annual fee. Phone 0191 519 1909.

For more information, contact the Chuter Ede Education Centre.

Music events in South Tyneside

South Tyneside is a great place for free live music, especially in the summer, so keep an eye open for live events.