Home education: Subjects to teach



Get ideas for at home science experiments online, try typing "science experiments for kids" into google.

The Discovery Museum in Newcastle is very child-friendly. Current activities can be found at Discovery Museum.

Point out to your child the science involved in:

  • boiling a kettle
  • cooking a sponge cake
  • lighting a fire
  • blowing up a balloon
  • planting a seed
  • using a magnifying glass

You can use these everyday things as starting points for big ideas.


Science textbooks and children's popular science books are easy to find in libraries and bookshops. Many have pictures and introductions to most parts of science, and can be read by children of all ages.

You can find out more about science theories from stories about scientists. You can find age-appropriate biographies of scientists in the library.

Science also includes learning about pollution, resources, threats to wildlife, climate change etc.

Point out and talk about the science issues that are shown in the television news, and watch science documentaries together.