Set up an established volunteer group

Disbanding a group

Some groups may only wish to operate for a specific period of time. The group must decide how and when they will disband.

The Council will regularly check that groups are following the volunteering guidance, code of conduct and Council policies.

Groups will be told if they are not following the above and they will need to address this urgently.

In some rare cases, the Council may decide that a group is no longer eligible to work with the Council or that an individual group member needs to be disqualified. This may be due to:

  • not following the code of conduct
  • example of poor conduct

Groups should address any concerns as soon as they are identified.

However, the Council may decide it is necessary to stop a partnership with a group. This decision will override any rules outlined within the group's own constitution or code of conduct.

The group or individual will be informed of this decision in writing by South Tyneside Council's Legal Services.