Set up an established volunteer group

Stage 2 application process

Stage 2 of the application process is to develop a group constitution.

This must include the following:

  • Aims of the group - including why the group was formed
  • Objectives of the group - setting out how the group intends to achieve their aims
  • Group powers - setting out what the group has the authority to undertake
  • Membership - including who the group is open to, how people can become a member and how people can leave the group
  • Processes for changing the constitution and / or disbanding the group
  • Management committee - including election of individuals of the committee
  • Meetings - including frequency, location, attendees, how decisions will be made etc.
  • Finances - including name of bank, signatories and financial status

Please submit the completed draft agreement to the Community Engagement Officer.

Final approval of the constitution will be made at Council Cabinet.

The Community Engagement Officer will let you know the next Council Cabinet date.

You will know within 10 days of Council Cabinet if your application has been approved.

If your application has not been approved, you will be contacted and told why.

What happens after you create a new group

Once your group is formally established, you will receive a one-off £2,000 grant from the Council to help with set-up and administration.

You will need to submit records of your yearly accounts to the Council.

Any income made by the group needs to be put back into the area you operate in.