Set up an established volunteer group

Support from the Council

We encourage you to use the #LoveSouthTyneside social media platforms to share and celebrate the work of your group.

Community engagement officer

The Council have a dedicated Community Engagement Officer to help and support volunteer groups working in partnership with the Council.

The Community Engagement Officer will have regular contact and meetings with the group, providing advice, guidance and support where needed.

Annual meeting

The Council holds an annual meeting with representatives from all groups.

This meeting provides an opportunity to:

  • Thank groups and volunteers for their work in our communities
  • Make sure groups are receiving appropriate support
  • Discuss future plans and priorities of the Council and of groups
  • Establish connections with other groups for potential joint working, where necessary
  • Share good practice
  • Discuss financials including any reinvestment back into the group

All groups will need to send at least one representative to the annual meeting.