Travelling to and from school

Passes and free travel

Passes include the Nexus pop card and Nexus child season ticket. Some students may also be able to get free school travel.

Under 16's Nexus pop card

Students who are under 16 and living in Tyne and Wear can apply for an Under 16 pop card to get a discount on their public transport fare. See Nexus: Under 16s.

Child season ticket

You can pay for travel to school for the term, or school year, in advance - so you don't have to pay fares every day. See Nexus: Child season ticket.

Free school travel

If you live more than 3 miles from your school, some students may be entitled to free travel. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to check with South Tyneside Council on this.

Please call 0191 424 7755 to discuss this further.