Travelling to and from school


Getting young people back to school is a key priority for the Council. With social distancing guidelines, how they travel to and from education sites will be different.

The number of people who can get on public transport is limited and if too many people drive, then delays around the schools will increase and will affect the wider road network.

Parents, students and staff journey times will be affected, so we need to help to encourage everyone to think about their travel options.

South Tyneside Council is keen to promote and encourage students, parents and teaching staff to use sustainable transport (walk, cycle or use public transport) as part of the school run journey, whenever it is safe and possible to do so.

The Council has developed this information to provide parents, students and teaching staff with a range of sustainable transport options (walking, cycling and public transport) in addition to information on reducing the impacts of private vehicles outside of schools.

Key points to remember when planning your school run:

  • Public transport is running but at a reduced capacity
  • Transport services may be busier so plan ahead and allow more time
  • If using public transport, try to use a contactless method of payment if possible
  • Keep a safe distance between yourself and others
  • Please wear a face covering if you are over 11 years old, unless exempt
  • Clean your hands before and after travelling
  • Consider cycling or walking if safe and possible to do so
  • If driving, try and drop off a few streets away from school