STANLEY's daycare at Boldon Family Hub

Address: Boldon Children's Centre, Reginald Street, Boldon, NE35 9DG
Telephone number: 0191 519 5920


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Opening times

  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm

Open 50 weeks of the year.

About STANLEY's daycare at Boldon Family Hub

STANLEY's at Boldon Family Hub is an outstanding nursery in Boldon, South Tyneside. The staff are committed to providing a high quality, caring, early years environment that promotes appropriate play and learning opportunities for children aged 6 weeks to five years. The nursery works within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and plans activities and experiences for children based on their individual needs and interests.

Our vision is that: 

"We strive to promote an inclusive and high quality environment in which each child can be supported and developed, enabling them to be safe, healthy, achieve and reach their full potential. Together with parents/carers we will nurture our children to be happy, confident and independent individuals who respect and value themselves and each other".

What we offer

  • A professional, qualified childcare team dedicated to maintaining a secure and caring environment that is ultimately beneficial to learning potential and general well-being.
  • 3 fully-equipped rooms: The Nest, The Den and The Willow. 
  • Rooms that are designed with appropriate furniture and resources suitable for each age group to encourage active learning.
  • Individual nursery stories for each child which travels through the nursery with them. The stories contain observations, photographs from both staff and parents / carers. This provides a valuable record of their early years and their time at the nursery.
  • Two secure outdoor play areas, offering space and opportunities for children to explore and develop their physical skills as well as experiencing the seasons first hand.
  • Nutritional and varied menus are provided. Meals are prepared at a local school following the healthy school menu and using fresh ingredients.
  • The nursery and centre are also part of a healthy school award.


We offer a natural environment whereby children can choose to play indoors or outdoors, and move freely between the two. This provides children the opportunity to be physically active and develop their physical skills. 

Our environments are arranged to encourage children to be independent and access the resources needed for each adventure. 

We are committed to ensuring that all children are safe and protected whilst in our care. 

The resources are age and stage appropriate and our committed team are always available to support.


Each child is allocated a key person who is responsible for promoting a positive and nurturing relationship, and for providing a secure base from which the child can feel safe to explore and play. 

Each key person has a 'buddy' who will undertake the roles of key person to individual children during periods of absence.

We recognise the strong value of relationships between parents and practitioners and encourage parents to work with practitioners in facilitating children's learning and development whilst at nursery. 

Inclusive Practice

Children with additional needs, including those with special educational needs and those who have English as an additional language, are extremely well supported. 

Childrens' individual needs are carefully considered and planned for, ensuring that each child is provided with the opportunity to reach his or her own potential. The routine, environment and activities are all adaptable according to the individual needs of each child. 

How to apply for a place

To find out more about how to apply for place you can contact the centre on 0191 519 5920.

Ofsted Report

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