Carers (health and wellbeing needs in South Tyneside)

Evidence for interventions

The views expressed from carers in South Tyneside correlate with a national report from Carers UK in 2019 entitled 'Carers at Breaking Point - Making the Case for Carer's Breaks in England', which Helen Walker, Chief Executive for Carers UK, intimates...

"...This research report builds on Carers UK's State of Caring 2017 report which found that 4 out of 10 carers (40%) said they hadn't had a day off for more than a year. The survey also found that carers who hadn't taken a break from caring within the last year were more likely to report that their mental or physical health had suffered as a result of caring. When asked about what would make the most difference to improving their health and well-being, regular breaks from caring was the most popular choice.

Quality really matters for carers and the people they care for - worry, poor experience and an inability to find the right care because the provider market is collapsing all impact on carers' ability to take a break."

  • Further context is provided by NHS England and NHS Improvement, whose paper entitled 'supporting carers in general practice: a framework of quality markers' reinforces awareness and recognition of carers within the Healthcare sector.
  • The paper offers a series of practical ideas that have been developed in partnership with carers, primary care teams and other key stakeholders. Collectively, these provide a framework for improving how general practice can better identify and support carers of all ages, and set a clear ambition to:
    • Improve carers' health and promote positive wellbeing;
    • Reduce carer crisis and family breakdown;
    • Reduce unwarranted variations in carer support, and;
    • Meet demand more appropriately and better manage demand on service.