Examination of the submission draft Whitburn Neighbourhood Plan


  1. Overview
  2. Neighbourhood Plan examination correspondence
  3. Comments submitted in response to the consultation on the Submission Draft Plan
  4. The submission documents


The Whitburn Neighbourhood Plan has been developed by Whitburn Neighbourhood Forum.

referendum on the Whitburn Neighbourhood Plan took place on Thursday 4 August 2022.

This page contains information relating to consultation that's already been carried out on the draft plan and the independent examiner's review of it.

The plan has now been approved. For more information and to read the final version of the plan see: Whitburn Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan examination correspondence

Whitburn Neighbourhood Plan Examiner's Report

WNF Full response to examiner

LPA responses to Examier's Questions

LPA responses to Examiner's Questions - Annex 1 GI Corridor

LPA responses to Examiner's Questions - Annex 2 Wildlife Corridor

LPA responses to Examiner's Questions - Annex 3 Whitburn Village Centre

Commencement of Examination Procedural Note

Whitburn Neighbourhood Plan Examiners Questions

Regulation 16 Consultation Representations - WNF response

Comments submitted in response to the consultation on the Submission Draft Plan

Schedule of Responses to the Submission Draft Whitburn Neighbourhood Plan

Schedule of Responses - Appendix 1 Natural England

Schedule of Responses - Appendix 2 National Grid

Schedule of Responses - Appendix 3

The submission documents 

The submission documents, or 'plan proposal', consist of: 

  • The Submission draft Whitburn Neighbourhood Plan (2020-2036)
  • A map identifying the area to which the proposed neighbourhood development plan relates
  • The Whitburn Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement and,
  • A statement ("Basic Conditions Statement") explaining how the proposed neighbourhood development plan meets the requirements of paragraph 8 of Schedule 4B to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990

Submission plan

Policies map

Consultation statement

Basic conditions statement

Area boundary

You can request a physical copy of the documents using the contact details below:

Supporting evidence

2020 Rainfall and long sea outfall discharge data

Air quality assessment

Cycling and pedestrian routes

Green infrastructure assessment

Local green space assessment

Wastewater and sewerage infrastructure policy supporting document

Design guidelines by AECOM

Evidence base and policy development report by AECOM

Heritage character assessment by AECOM

Housing needs assessment by AECOM

Key issues consultation report by Shropshire RCC

Whitburn Neighbourhood Forum - Community Action Plan

Whitburn Neighbourhood Plan and Climate change

HRA screening report - Submission

SEA Screening Report

Village centre assessment

Whitburn's most valued views