Writing for this website

What to include

This is a task-based website. It is based on best practice from central government, and the GOV.UK website.

This website should help residents to complete their task, or find specific information.

We should only publish information that our residents need to know.

We should not publish everything we can.

Start with the essential information.

Only add more detail if it is needed for the user to understand something, or complete their task.

We do this because:

  • people come to this website for something specific
  • research shows people scan web pages, and usually only read about 20 - 28% of the content
  • unnecessary content clutters up the page, and makes it difficult to find important information

We should publish

  • information that is specific to South Tyneside Council and services the Council offers
  • information that the Council must publish by law

We should not publish

  • general information that is not the Council's responsibility to provide
  • information that is available elsewhere; we should link to other useful information instead