Pledge Hits 100

Posted by: Press team on 17 March 2022 16:21

100 organisations have now signed up to the South Tyneside Pledge, to help create a thriving future for the Borough.

Launched in the New year, the pledge aims to boost local economic activity, reduce health inequalities, cut carbon emissions, and enhance civic pride for the benefit of the whole Borough.

It sets out nine commitments; those signing up will be asked to demonstrate how they are meeting those commitments, which are all about keeping things local, through a short report every six months.

Cllr Tracey Dixon, Leader of South Tyneside Council and Chair of South Tyneside Partnership said: "We have had a fantastic response to the South Tyneside Pledge since we launched it three months ago. By signing the Pledge, organisations, big or small, public, and private, and across all sectors, are saying that they will do all they can to spend, recruit and support our local area and bring about positive change.

"The Pledge has encouraged organisations to look at their own practices and see what more they can do to support the borough. As individual organisations we can only do so much, but collectively, with a common set of objectives, we can make a real difference."

Advanced Funding Solutions became the 100th organisation to sign up to the South Tyneside Pledge. It is a commercial finance specialist offer funding solutions and financial advice to businesses across the UK. This includes commercial and investment mortgages, development finance, asset finance and peer to peer lending.

Chris Adlam, Director of Advanced Funding Solutions said: "We signed up to the Pledge because we are passionate about keeping business within South Tyneside and helping local firms to support one another. 

"We are keen to work with the Council on establishing regular networking sessions for businesses based in business centres like Quadrus where we are based. We have another office in Scunthorpe and are really excited about the ethos in South Tyneside. Working together across the public and private sectors to bring about real change for local people. "

Chris used to work for a high street bank in their commercial banking team and set up his own business to help local businesses with access to the finance they need to grow. Chris chose Quadrus given proximity to where he lives in East Boldon and to the facilities in, and location of, the building.

Those signing up will be asked, twice a year, to show what they are doing to meet the Pledge's nine commitments. Best practice will be shared, advice and support provided, and impact monitored by the South Tyneside Partnership and its Economic Regeneration Board.

The Council are currently analysing information from those already signed up to assess what organisations are doing to meet the Pledge. This will then help the Council and the wider South Tyneside Partnership to promote best practice and shape the support that will be offered to help local organisations. This will include a menu for employers to engage with local schools, a climate change toolkit for businesses and dedicated events at South Tyneside Business Week later this year. More information will be shared with organisations who have already signed up to the Pledge in the coming months.

The Pledge builds on best practice from elsewhere across the UK including Charters and Pledges in place in Leeds, London, Greater Manchester, Wigan, Ayrshire, Preston, and North of Tyne.

Organisations, public and private, big, and small, can sign up at any time and become part of the Pledge South Tyneside network at

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