Schoolchildren Step into Civic Shoes

Posted by: Press team on 17 March 2022 16:20

South Tyneside schoolchildren were given a rare opportunity to be 'Mayor for the Day' as part of the Borough's Local Democracy Fortnight.

Westoe Crown Primary School pupils, Sonny and Laila took on the roles to gain an insight into what it means to be the first citizens of the Borough as well as learn first-hand how local democracy works.

The day began with the Year 4 and 5 pupils being collected from school in the Civic Car and driven to South Shields Town Hall where they were presented with their own Chains of Office from the 'real' Mayor and Mayoress, Councillor Pat Hay and Jean Copp.

They were also shown around some of the rooms in the the historic Grade II Listed building such as the Council Chamber and the Mayor's Parlour, where they undertook important Mayoral signings.

Their official engagements and duties also included a VIP visit to The Word in South Shields town centre, and an official photograph.

The Mayor said: "The Mayoress and I were delighted to welcome Sonny and Laila to South Shields Town Hall and give them an opportunity to step into our shoes for a few hours. They took on their Mayoral duties with such enthusiasm and professionalism.

"It is so refreshing to see our youngsters taking an interest in our roles and engaging in the workings of local democracy. It's been wonderful talking to them about what happens in the town hall.

"We hope they enjoyed their time with us and will have wonderful memories of this experience to look back on in many years to come."

Mayor for the Day was just one of a series of events and activities taking place as part of South Tyneside's Local Democracy Fortnight.

Mr Steve Price, Head Teacher of Westoe Crown Primary School, said: "The children were extremely excited to become Mayor and Mayoress for the day.

"Both children are School Councillors so the experience of becoming mini-Mayor and Mayoress for the day has given them a small insight into what the role entails and a day in democracy fortnight that they'll never forget."

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