South Tyneside Remembers World War One


More than 7000 people have currently been identified for inclusion on the website and new records are being added daily. The records are being input randomly so that no surname, town, regiment, monument or roll of honour is given preference. We hope to eventually develop the largest database of its kind for a local area, with potentially 13,000 individuals included, and that it will prove an invaluable tool for research.

All of the information on the website has been researched using publicly accessible records including those on Ancestry, Find My Past, Common Wealth War Graves Commission and North East War Memorials Project websites. We have also referred to the Shields Gazette and the Jarrow Express newspapers which contain much contemporary information.

Ancestry and Find My Past are subscription websites but are free to use at all of South Tyneside libraries and many other public libraries (please check your local library for information). Both of these websites contain copies of original documents including censuses and military attestation papers.

It is worth noting that many military documents were lost during the Second World War when the archive where they were being stored was bombed. Unfortunately this means that the records for many of the men who served during the First World War were destroyed. If the information about your relative on this website does not contain military information it means that we have been unable to find the record and that it probably no longer exists.

Work is continuing on the website. Please look out for further developments.

For more information about the project, see About the project.