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Cycling in South Tyneside

South Tyneside is an excellent place to explore on bicycle. We have dedicated cycle paths and lanes throughout the area, including along the coast. 

Plan a journey

To plan a cycling route in the North East, use the Go Smarter journey planner

The journey planner calculates the best route for cycling, as well as walking, public transport or car. 

National Cycle Network routes

National Cycle Network routes in South Tyneside include: 

For a full map of National Cycle Network routes, visit Sustrans: National Cycle Network map.

Report damage to cycle paths or parking

To report damage to cycle paths or cycle parking facilities in South Tyneside, email

Include as much detail as possible in your email.

Request new cycle paths or parking

To request a new cycle lane, path or cycle parking facilities, email

We will assess all reasonable requests, and may include requests in plans for future development. 

Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan 2021-2036.

South Tyneside Cycle (and walking) Maps

The South Tyneside cycling (and walking) maps cover the whole of South Tyneside.

Download a PDF version of the maps:

Hard copies

Hard copies are in stock and can be ordered by emailing

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