Healthier Metro Neighbourhoods (walking and cycling improvement scheme)


  1. Overview
  2. Aims of the project
  3. What improvements will be carried out
  4. Timescales
  5. Roadworks
  6. More information


A series of improvements are taking place to encourage walking and cycling to the following metro stations:

  • Chichester
  • Bede
  • Tyne Dock
  • Simonside

The £3 million scheme is funded by the region's Transforming Cities Fund programme.

Aims of the project

Overall, the work aims to: 

  • encourage walking and cycling along routes to Chichester, Tyne Dock, Simonside and Bede Metro Stations
  • improve connections between walking and cycling routes within the borough 
  • create a safer, more secure environment for public transport users
  • encourage people to walk or cycle to public transport links
  • encourage people out of their cars and on to public transport
  • improve air quality

What improvements will be carried out

The work includes improvements to the:

  • public realm area at the entrance to Chichester Metro Station
  • lighting at Tyne Dock Metro Station
  • provision for pedestrians and cyclists, such as changes to the width of the footpaths and improved signage, along the following routes:
    • Dean Road
    • Reed Street
    • Tyne Dock Metro Station to South Tyneside District Hospital
    • Middlefields Industrial Estate
    • Olive Street to Biddick Hall
    • Hudson Street
    • Shaftesbury Avenue to Arches


To begin with the project focused on improving the public space surrounding Chichester Metro Station.

To minimise disruption, the early phases of work were completed at the same time as the work being carried out by Nexus to improve metro services at the station. 

The majority of improvement work along the routes was completed by July 2023. 

The remaining work is expected to be complete by spring 2024. This includes:

  • Tyne Dock lighting improvements
  • Green Lane crossing
  • The Middlefields route


Any disruption will be short in duration and where possible will avoid peak times.

Temporary traffic lights and pedestrian crossings may be used if needed.

More information

If you have a query or would like some more information, email

All enquires will be responded to within five working days. We will, of course, aim to respond sooner.