Dr Bike sessions


  1. Overview
  2. What can't be done with Dr Bike
  3. What else is available
  4. Dates and times
  5. What happens next
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South Tyneside Council has partnered with local bicycle mechanics to deliver a range of Dr Bike sessions across South Tyneside. 

These sessions offer slight repairs and a quick inspection to make sure your bike can be ridden safely. 

We've been able to deliver these Go Smarter, Go Active events thanks to funding from Active Travel England's Capability Fund.

What can't be done with Dr Bike

Dr Bike sessions are limited in what they can do. 

For significant repairs or for bikes needing larger, more expensive parts you should visit a local bike retailer or mechanic. 

What else is available

In addition to a Dr Bike session, all those who attend can also have their bike security marked free of charge and hear what the team are doing to promote active travel in the area.

Dates and times

For dates and times of Dr Bike drop-in sessions, see What's on.

What happens next

All the public sessions we have organised will be located on the South Tyneside Council website.

Don't worry if you miss them as it's likely more will be organised in the coming months.

Contact us

Phone: 0191 427 7000
Email: strategictransport@southtyneside.gov.uk