Appeal a decision about your child's school place

Who is at the appeal

  • The panel - these are the people who make the decision about your appeal
  • Clerk to the panel - this person gives advice to the panel
  • Presenting officer - this person presents the case on behalf of the council's admissions team
  • You and your representative

There may also be a staff member from the school at the appeal.

Who the panel are

There are a minimum of 3 people on the appeal panel.

At least one panel member will:

  • have worked in education
  • be an independant member of the public, also known as a 'lay member'

Panel members will have no connection to the people or schools involved in the appeal.

They will not have been involved in making the decision you are appealing against.

Who you can bring with you

You can bring a friend, adviser, family member or representative with you.

This person can speak for you or just give you support.

This can be a locally elected politician or a Council employee as long as this doesn't lead to a conflict of interest. 

You cannot bring:

  • a member of staff from the school
  • a member of the admissions team

Your child does not have to attend.

If you need an interpreter or signer, the council can give you one.