Borough Council meetings


  1. Overview
  2. Borough Council meeting - Thursday 9 March 2023
  3. Attending and reporting Council meetings
  4. Previous Borough Council meetings
  5. All upcoming Borough Council meetings


Borough Council meetings are being held in person and streamed online. 

Borough Council meeting - Thursday 9 March 2023

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See Borough Council meeting papers - Thursday 9 March 2023

Attending and reporting Council meetings

Any member of the press and public can film and digitally report public local government meetings.

For more information about filming Borough Council meetings, contact Democratic Services on 0191 424 7691.

Protocol - Attending and Reporting Meetings of South Tyneside Council

Previous Borough Council meetings

To see recordings of previous meetings, visit: YouTube: Borough Council meetings

For details of previous meetings see: Council and committee meetings

All upcoming Borough Council meetings

For details of upcoming meetings, see Council and committee meetings.