Planning: Publications and fees


  1. Overview
  2. Printed documents and maps
  3. Payment
  4. How to purchase the documents


The Council produces the following Local Plan and planning policy-related reports and leaflets which you can buy on request. 

You can also view and download on the documents on our planning pages.

Printed documents and maps


  • all document prices are for colour printed copies
  • black-and-white copies of documents are available for half price
  • consultation draft local plan documents (in black-and-white) are available free of charge to South Tyneside residents and businesses.


  • maps are only available in colour
  • all map prices are for colour printed copies
  • maps are available separately from documents

General photocopying
You can photocopy our documents and maps in black-and-white for:

  • 11p per A4 sheet
  • 24p per A3 sheet (up to a max of £5)


To purchase documents and their constituent OS-based proposals maps please make cheques payable to South Tyneside Council. 

*All of the prices below include postage and packing

Price list for Local Plan and planning policy publications
Document  PriceMap Only
Local Development Framework (LDF)  
Core Strategy  £20.00   £5.00
Development Management Policies  £15.00 
South Shields Town Centre & Waterfront AAP  £35.00  £20.00
Central Jarrow AAP  £35.00  £20.00
Hebburn Town Centre AAP  £20.00  £10.00
Site-Specific Allocations  £60.00  £40.00
Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)  £10.00 
SPD21 Locally Significant Heritage Assets - technical appendices£100.00 
Other publications  
Local Wildlife Sites technical appendices  £50.00 
Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)  £55.00  £40.00
SHLAA summary schedule of sites (A3 size)  £10.00 
Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP)  £30.00 

How to purchase the documents

Please contact the Council's Spatial Planning team on 0191 424 7688.