Evidence base and policy development report by AECOM

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Whitburn Neighbourhood Forum (WNF) is developing a neighbourhood plan for the village of Whitburn, which lies in South Tyneside's Council area in the North East of England.

As part of the development of the Neighbourhood Plan and its evidence base, WNF applied successfully to Locality for support from AECOM as part of its Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning project.

This document comprises an Evidence Base and Policy Development (EBPD) study. The aim of the EBPD is to review, for selected policies in the neighbourhood plan, the existing evidence base and policies, identify any gaps within them, and then present options and recommendations based not only on the existing evidence base and policies but also on any additional relevant information that applies.

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From: Spatial Planning

Published: June 2021


PDF:  Evidence base and policy development report by AECOM (PDF) [1MB]

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