Plan a residential


  1. Who this information is for
  2. Complete the questionnaire
  3. Forms
  4. What to bring
  5. Different formats

Who this information is for

This information is for people who would like to organise a residential course for students to Thurston Outdoor Education Centre. 

We are happy to answer any questions you might have. If you would like to talk to us, please contact us.

Complete the questionnaire

To organise a residential trip, the group organiser must firstly complete the Group organiser questionnaire

Send this to us by either: 

Forms - return two weeks before course

Return these forms to us two weeks before the course starts:

Send these forms to us by either: 

1. Group form

Before the trip, the group organiser must organise students into groups.

Depending on the amount of students, this will be either: 

  • three groups - up to 36 students overall
  • four groups - up to 48 student overall

Complete either the: 

2. Room form

Before the trip, the group organiser must organise students into rooms.

See details of the rooms and floor plans

Complete the Room list.

3. Parent and guardian consent form

Students' parents or guardians must complete the Parent / guardian consent form.

What to bring 

Make sure that parents and guardians know what students need to bring with them for a residential course

Thurston Logbook

Most schools staying at Thurston find it valuable for the pupils to complete a Diary or Logbook each evening.

Here is a link to the Diary that Thurston staff have designed to work with a five day course.

Thurston Pupil Diary

If you want to use this you will need to print out a copy for each pupil and bring them with you to Thurston.

Different formats

If you need any forms or information in a different format, please contact us.