Infrastructure Funding Statement 2019/20

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Infrastructure Funding Statement 2019/2020

Developer agreements, contributions and transactions

The following reports are provided under the Open Government Licence and are provided in both Excel and CSV format, and also in an online, accessible format.

Developer agreements

This document lists all developer agreements for 2019/20.

It does not list 'historic' agreements, for example, agreements signed before the start of the financial year, and where all payments have been both received and spent by the Council.

Developer agreements 2019/20 (Excel doc) [38KB]

Developer agreements 2019/20 (gi.ui.mediatype.csv) [4KB]

Developer agreements for 2019/20

Developer agreement contributions

This document contains the individual sums or obligations within each agreement.

Developer agreement contributions 2019/20 (Excel doc) [36KB]

Developer agreement contributions 2019/20 (gi.ui.mediatype.csv) [5KB]

Developer agreement contributions 2019/20

Developer agreement transactions

This document contains each transaction relating to a developer agreement, and the status of the individual sums or obligations in each agreement.

Developer agreement transactions 2019/20 (Excel doc) [30KB]

Developer agreement transactions 2019/20 (gi.ui.mediatype.csv) [4KB]

Developer agreement transactions 2019/20