Houses in multiple occupation licence


Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) could be a:

  • house split into separate bedsits
  • shared house or flat, where the sharers are not members of the same family
  • hostel
  • bed-and-breakfast hotel that is not just for holidays
  • shared accommodation for students

Many halls of residence and other types of student accommodation owned by education establishments are not classed as HMOs.

You will need an HMO licence from South Tyneside Council if the property you are renting out is:

  • Occupied by five or more people, forming two or more households
  • these people people share amenities such as a kitchen or bathroom

The government have also introduced minimum room sizes for bedrooms and a new mandatory condition which requires the license holder to have appropriate arrangements in place for the storage and disposal of waste.

Before making your application please refer to the application guidance and mandatory conditions.