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Housing Strategy

The Housing Strategy team is responsible for identifying housing need, enabling affordable housing and ensuring the efficient management of its housing stock by its housing company, South Tyneside Homes.

The team analyses and interprets evidence to inform the future housing offer across the Borough, taking into consideration the overarching Council Strategy.

Working closely with South Tyneside Homes and other social housing providers, the team ensures the delivery of high quality housing and related services.

Partnership working with a range of stakeholders makes sure that current and future residents of South Tyneside have a range of suitable housing options.

Our Integrated Housing Strategy covers a range of smaller, housing related strategies to encourage effective joined-up working.

It is a long term strategic document, setting out the vision for the housing market within South Tyneside and detailing the actions the Council has committed to carry out over the next 3 years.

The strategy sets out the key strategic priorities for housing across the Borough.

The key strategic priorities are to:

  • Prevent homelessness wherever possible
  • Address repeat homelessness
  • Meet the needs of an aging population through providing appropriate accommodation and promote independence
  • Improve the quality, choice and sustainability of the private rented sector
  • Effectively support the ambitions of the Council's Economic Strategy

Integrated Housing Strategy April 2019

Fuel Poverty Strategy

You may be living in fuel poverty if you struggle to afford to keep your home warm.

It's something that affects many people, regardless of whether their home is in the owner occupied, private or socially rented sectors.

Our Fuel Poverty Strategy examines this issue in South Tyneside and describes how we plan to support residents.

Fuel Poverty Strategy

Tenancy Strategy

The South Tyneside Tenancy Strategy describes the types of tenancies we expect registered providers to offer in the Borough.

Registered providers must have regard to this strategy when they produce their tenancy policy.

We continue to work closely with registered providers to make sure affordable housing meets the needs of all.

Tenancy Strategy and Policy

Discounted Market Sales Policy Statement

To help local residents achieve home ownership the Council operates a Discounted Market Sales Scheme.

The Discounted Market Sales Policy Statement provides guidance on this scheme in South Tyneside.

Discounted Market Sales Policy Statement

Rent Grace Period Policy

The Rent Grace Period Policy explains what would happen to a Council tenancy if the tenant dies.

It describes how there is a grace period for non-payment of rent for the family of the deceased.

Rent Grace Period Policy

South Tyneside Homes

Council housing in the Borough is managed by the Council's housing company, South Tyneside Homes.

The Housing Strategy team is responsible for managing the relationship with South Tyneside Homes to deliver effective management of the Council's 18,000 housing stock.

The team is responsible for making sure that the Council's landlord function and regulatory duties are discharged by the company on the Council's behalf, particularly in relation to tenant involvement and empowerment.

Working in partnership with South Tyneside Homes, the team ensures the successful delivery of the Decent Homes Programme to Council properties in the Borough.

The Council's Housing Allocations Policy was approved in July 2013 following extensive consultation and changes in the law affecting social housing allocations.

The aim of the allocations policy is to more effectively use the limited stock that the Council owns, making sure that homes match the needs of the applicants.

The policy introduces significant changes which determine whether applicants are eligible, whether they qualify and the level of housing need and priority banding that should be awarded.

Housing Allocations Policy

If you require any housing advice, please contact South Tyneside Homefinder on 0300 123 6633.

Related documents

SPD4: Affordable Housing (August 2007)

SPD4: Affordable Housing (August 2007)

First Homes Interim Policy Statement (June 2022)

First Homes Interim Policy Statement (June 2022)

The Neighbourhood Management Policy

The Neighbourhood Management Policy follows a review of area management in the Borough in 2014 and now formalises, in writing, those arrangements. 

The policy also makes sure that the Council, via South Tyneside Homes, discharges its duty under the regulatory framework for social housing.

Neighbourhood management policy

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

The SHMA was undertaken by consultants Arc4 in 2012 and an update of the assessment was undertaken internally in 2015.

The assessment sets out the need for housing in the Borough for the future, including the need specifically for affordable housing and homes for older people.

As a statutory requirement, South Tyneside will keep this assessment under regular review to ensure an understanding of the housing market to develop strategies to tackle housing issues in the Borough.

South Tyneside SHMA

More information

If you need any help or advice about the information contained in any of these documents, please contact the Housing Strategy team on 0191 424 6659.