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South Tyneside is undergoing an exciting time of change.

Here are just some of the reasons why the borough is proving to be an excellent place to be in business for a whole variety of businesses:

Customers on your doorstep

With over 150,000 people and over 3,000 businesses in South Tyneside alone, there is a lot of potential to grow your market right here on your doorstop. Add to that those living and working in Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland and Durham and the numbers quickly start to multiply.

Great transport links

We're fortunate to have plenty of transport links to the surrounding cities and countryside. Our close proximity to the A19 Corridor has been further enhanced by the opening of the new Tyne Tunnel 2 in 2011.

We also have one of the most extensive port operations in the UK, with deep river facilities provided by the Port of Tyne. Whether it's road, rail, sea or air - South Tyneside is a well connected area.

For more information visit Transport.

Plenty of premises

In recent years there has been a big investment in creating premises in South Tyneside, from retail and offices to warehousing and business units.

Properties range from small start-up premises based in business centres and business incubators, through to large industrial premises, ideally suited for manufacturing or service related industries and a wide range of office space.

For more information visit Business property.

Real variety

Unlike some other areas in the North East and across England, South Tyneside is a very varied area as it's not just an urban borough and it's not completely rural. Its unique location means the area boasts both a riverside and a coastline, most definitely two of the area's key economic assets.

The area also benefits from city centre facilities, countryside and towns and villages. It's easy to forget sometimes just how much the area has to offer - making it a great place to live and work.


South Tyneside has ambitious regeneration plans including the development of South Shields Riverside bringing investment opportunities and jobs to the area.

For more information visit Regeneration.

Leading the way in support

Last, but by no means least, South Tyneside right now is at the forefront of supporting businesses. The organisations in South Tyneside whose job it is to help local businesses are working closer than ever before.

We have lots of ways to make the support we offer better than ever before.

More information

For more details of why South Tyneside is a great place for businesses, visit Invest South Tyneside.