Old Educational Buildings Set to be Demolished

Posted by: Press team on 14 March 2022 16:04

Preparatory works are due to get underway ahead of the partial demolition of a former educational building in South Shields this summer.

The Chuter Ede Education Centre, in Galsworthy Road, has remained partially vacant for many years since the closure of the former school.

Chuter Ede Community Association is now the only occupant of the site, using only certain areas of the building to deliver a range of community services, from training courses and sports and exercise facilities to activities for people with learning difficulties.

The current unoccupied areas of the building incur unnecessary costs relating to maintenance, energy usage and business rates. These areas have also attracted anti-social behaviour including incidents of vandalism and break-ins.

Work will start on site in the coming days, with contractors preparing the building for partial demolition in June.

Councillor Joanne Bell, Lead Member for Resources and Innovation, said: "Chuter Ede Community Association provides a range of services for the community on this site, but does not need the entire building.

"Following consultation with the Association, the Council is demolishing the vacant outdated parts of the centre, many of which have fallen into disrepair.

"This will help to save energy and maintenance costs as well as prevent further instances of anti-social behaviour.

"The demolition of the unused parts of the site will enable the Council to focus its resources on the buildings that continue to provide valued community facilities for local residents."

The project will involve the demolition of two large wings of the central building, a standalone prefabricated classroom and an additional rear building, after the Council's Cabinet members agreed to award the contract to MGL Demolition Limited.

The demolition work is expected to take around five months to complete.

The site will be finished with topsoil and grass seed to match the surrounding green areas.

The covid testing site in the Chuter Ede car park will be unaffected.

Last modified: 18 March 2022 16:04