Bigger and Better Bins in Fight Against Litter

Posted by: Press team on 01 March 2022 13:15

Smart new litter bins are set to be rolled out across South Tyneside over the coming months.

The 100 new black bins form part of a Borough-wide replacement programme for damaged bins and to provide larger waste bins where they may be needed - in areas of high footfall such as South Shields Town Centre and seafront.

A further 25 new recycling bins will also be strategically placed along the seafront to encourage residents and visitors to recycle their empty cans, glass and plastic bottles while out and about.

The bins will be fitted with special sensors that send a message to South Tyneside Homes' Handy Estates teams when they are nearly full. As they provide a shell for wheelie bins, it makes them easier for crews to empty too.

Councillor Ernest Gibson, Lead Member for Area Management and Community Safety, said: "We work extremely hard to keep South Tyneside looking its best and are committed to tackling issues of waste and litter that blight our communities. It is illegal, unsightly and poses a real threat to people, wildlife and marine life.

"Having listened to residents' concerns of litter along our beautiful coastal area and assessing where most litter is generated, we're introducing better bins that will not only help to keep busy areas clean but will support residents and visitors to recycle on-the-go with bins specifically for disposing of cans and bottles.

"The sensor technology helps waste teams work more efficiently, allowing them to respond to alerts of bins nearing capacity and giving them more time to focus on other tasks to keep our streets clean and tidy. Crews will also be able to make fewer journeys, therefore reducing the number of vehicles on the road and driving down carbon emissions."

Issues of litter and pressures on waste crews have increased significantly over recent years with many more people taking advantage of seafront parks and open spaces during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Council will be installing the new bins ahead of the visitor season.

Councillor Gibson said: "Our street cleansing crews have continued to work tirelessly during very difficult circumstances. We need people to play their part in protecting their local environment by cleaning up after themselves. With new larger bins, there really won't be any excuse for anyone not being able to find a bin that isn't full."

Volumes of waste and testing of the sensors will be monitored over the busy visitor months to determine whether any changes are needed to the position or location of the new bins in future.

The provision of new litter bins supports the Council's community priority of investing in the natural and built environment. They have been part funded through DEFRA's 'Binfrastructure' grant scheme.

Councillor Gibson added: "We are always looking at how we can better manage waste and use the resources available to us in a more focused and targeted way.

"The investment into new larger bins is just one of the things we are doing with our partners at South Tyneside Homes to crack down on littering. Our street cleansing budgets have also been maintained.

"We hope that people will do what's right and help us keep South Tyneside clean and green. The message is really simple: dispose of waste responsibly using the litter bins provided or take it home."

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Last modified: 18 March 2022 13:16