Spotlight on Skills at Cabinet

Posted by: Press team on 09 February 2022 11:23

South Tyneside Council's Cabinet will be asked to approve a series of recommendations to ensure young people in the borough are equipped with the necessary skills to compete in the jobs market.

Cabinet will receive an update on the findings of an in-depth study which has been carried out by the Education and Skills Panel to map out the services on offer to residents to allow them to capitalise on employment opportunities.

Last year, an interim report was presented to Cabinet; since then the panel has been able to canvas the views of the local business community on skills provision and as a result, a further three recommendations have been made.

Representatives from Port of Tyne, South Shields FC Foundation and Zenith People took part in the session in October last year, and the North East of England Federation of Small Businesses provided a written submission.

Their feedback led to further recommendations around the introduction of a work experience prospectus; the council working hand-in-hand with community organisations on a programme to develop young people's skills and confidence; and gaining business input for a toolkit for primary school children.

Cllr Adam Ellison, Lead Member for Children, Young People and Families, said: "To ensure that our young people are able to capitalise on developments like Dogger Bank and IAMP, we have to understand current skills provision and evaluate how that can be developed and improved.

"That means working closely with our schools, business community and future employers.

"Equipping our future workforce to build sustainable careers will lead to higher employment and increased prosperity in the Borough."

The commission was set up in 2019 to establish the support available from the council and its partners; identify any gaps in provision and identify any examples of good practice, nationally and internationally.

Creating the conditions for investment and supporting young people are two of the council's key priorities.

Cllr Audrey Huntley, Chair of the Education and Skills Panel, said: "The commission has mapped out the existing level of support and resources available to school leavers and made a number of recommendations aimed at enhancing that provision.

"It is vital that we are nurturing a well-qualified, adaptable workforce to unlock the full potential of opportunities being created in the regional economy.

"We need to support employers, educators and parents to ensure that our young residents have the best education, careers guidance, experience and skills possible."

Cabinet will be asked to agree the recommendations and ask for an action plan to be prepared to progress them.

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