About the Local Plan


We are currently developing a new Local Plan for South Tyneside.

This is an important document as it will set out how we will meet the area's future social, economic and environmental needs.

It will be used to assess all planning applications and development proposals. 

Draft Local Plan

Consultation on the Regulation 18 draft Local Plan took place between 20 June and 14 August 2022.

The draft plan will then be updated, and final consultation on it is due to take place in 2024.

Timescales for the Local Plan are set out in our updated Local Development Scheme

Read the Local Plan

The current version of the draft Local Plan, as well as supporting documents used in it's production, can be viewed in full at: Local Plan documents, assessments and evidence.

A quick guide to the Local Plan

The following pages explain more about what our emerging Local Plan is and provides answers to some of the key questions you may have.