Bomb threats or suspicious packages during an event


The site manager/event safety coordinator/event manager and the stewards at their disposal must be aware of the potential, however negligible, of bomb threats and the ensuing actions that must be taken.

Bomb threats may be received by any agency and are likely to come by way of telephone call. As soon as it is clear that the caller is making a 'bomb threat':

  • let the caller finish the message without interruption (any response to a question is essential - eg: "Are you listening?" - keep the response to 1-2 words)
  • write down the message exactly (exact time of call)

Listen to any clues which may indicate:

  • caller's sex and approximate age
  • any notable condition affecting speech (eg: drunkenness, laughter, anger, excitement)
  • peculiarities of speech (eg: accent, mispronunciation, impediment, tone and pitch of voice)
  • background noises (eg: traffic, music)

If possible establish:

  • where the bomb is located
  • what time it will explode
  • any description of device
  • why it was placed
  • who the caller is

In the event of a bomb threat being received the person receiving the call must immediately inform the police - the site manager/event safety coordinator/event manager must then be notified. The Police will be responsible for the coordination of the response to a bomb threat in accordance with agreed Northumbria Police procedures.