Support with your financial wellbeing (Social Navigators)


  1. Overview
  2. How Social Navigators can help
  3. Referrals


Good financial wellbeing is being able to access services such as:

  • bank accounts
  • benefits and debt advice
  • better utilities
  • employability and digital skills

Being able to access these successfully can mean you have better control over your income.

You may struggle to access these services because of a low income or unexpected income shocks. As a result, you may use food banks or local welfare provision / crisis support services regularly.

The Social Navigators can provide intensive support to South Tyneside residents experiencing financial wellbeing issues.

How Social Navigators can help

Social Navigators can help and give you support with:

  • accessing welfare benefit and debt services
  • accessing employability services
  • getting help with digital skills
  • getting the best deals on your gas and electricity bills
  • grants to buy essential furniture items
  • accessing other agencies who can help with others issues

To find out more about the service, contact the Welfare Support Team on 0191 424 6040.


Referrals can be made to the service by sending an email to

Please state in your email that it's for the attention of the Social Navigators.