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Parents are carers, guardians and role models for their children and their behaviour is more influential than anything else as the child grows up.

The central role of the parent places a unique responsibility on them. 

Poor parenting can significantly increase the risk of young people becoming involved in anti-social or offending behaviour.

Bringing up children can be very difficult. Teenage years especially can be a stressful period and it can be even harder for parents when their child commits an offence.

We offer advice and support and provide courses to help you better manage your relationship with your child. This can be done on a voluntary basis, without a court making an order.

We also invite parents to enter a parenting contract as a way of providing support to the family, for example if there are problems with a child being involved in anti-social behaviour. 

Where improved parenting could be beneficial but the parents are unwilling to engage, the courts can impose a parenting order.

When making an order, the court must only consider the evidence before them at the prosecution.

For more information, see parenting orders.