Partnership working principles


  1. Overview
  2. Increasing innovation and efficiency 
  3. Managing demand for our services
  4. Pooled resources and joint delivery
  5. Engaging communities and empowering people
  6. Passing more responsibility and control to local people
  7. Promoting equality and diversity
  8. Focusing on areas in greatest need


We have an exceptional track record for partnership working in South Tyneside, and are determined to build on this to further improve outcomes for residents.

We will apply the following key principles to everything we do:

Increasing innovation and efficiency

We know that innovation and efficiency will drive improvements and make the best use of the resources we have.

With reduced budgets, increasing costs and our desire to meet - and exceed - public expectations, we need to create new solutions to meet these challenges, as well as becoming even more efficient in doing what already works best.

Managing demand for our services

Our 'demand management' approach underpins all of our service delivery.

By providing high quality early help and early intervention services, we can reduce demand for more costly acute and specialist services, whilst improving outcomes for our residents.

Pooled resources and joint delivery

With less public money available, we will need to find new and different ways to deliver local services.

We will explore the potential for community budgets and take forward real opportunities for co-location and joint delivery of partner services.

Engaging communities and empowering people

Our strong track record of working closely with our communities has already demonstrated that the best outcomes can be achieved when residents are at the heart of decisions about local public services.

Our democratic engagement model has been praised nationally and we will continue to build on our best practice.

Passing more responsibility and control to local people

It is important to us that people are able to take more control over the services they receive, and determine what happens in their local area.

Under the right circumstances, it may be more appropriate to pass control of services to people and local communities.

Promoting equality and diversity

We recognise that priorities and actions can affect some communities or groups differently.

We will promote equality of access to our services, whilst making sure the diverse needs of all communities are considered as we work towards achieving the best outcomes for all.

Focusing on areas in greatest need

We know that some deprived communities are in greater need than more affluent areas of the borough.

We will continue to target resources at areas where they will have the biggest impact in reducing inequalities and to tackle the most pressing issues.