Roundabout advertising


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Do you want to promote your business in South Tyneside?

We have multiple roundabout advertising sites available for sponsorship across the Borough which are strategically positioned on our busiest roundabouts.

Advertising on our roundabouts is ideal for businesses looking for effective, local advertising offering you the opportunity to promote your business to residents, workers and visitors of the borough 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Benefits for your business

Roundabout sponsorship is a valuable and accessible advertising channel for all local businesses.

Your increased visibility will serve to raise your organisations profile with our signs see by thousands of people each day!

Furthermore by advertising on our roundabouts you will also be reinvesting in our community and Council services.


We work in partnership with CP media to deliver roundabout advertising.

For any enquiries or to register your interest, please get in touch on 01422 322255, email or visit CP Media: South Tyneside roundabout advertising

Advertising without consent

Illegal advertising is the unauthorised display of any picture, letter, sign, trailer or other mark which has, without consent or authorisation been painted, inscribed or fixed onto the highway or any structure or works on the highway.

Any advertising which has not received the appropriate advertising consent will therefore be removed. Advertising consent must be applied for via South Tyneside Council planning department.

Contact the team

If you need help with any of the information on these pages please contact Business Employment and Skills Service.

The team can be contacted by phone or online.

To get in touch with the team call 0191 481 3456 or email