Underage sales


  1. Overview
  2. Why you need to be concerned
  3. Report underage sales


There are strict laws prohibiting the sale of certain items to young people, for example alcohol, tobacco and fireworks, as they are considered to present real risks to their health or welfare.

A trader can be prosecuted and may lose their livelihood for making an illegal sale.

Why you need to be concerned

Ignoring the risks of using restricted products under age can lead to:

  • Long term health problems from tobacco and solvent abuse
  • Serious injury or death from fireworks and solvents
  • Being drawn into criminal or anti-social behaviour from alcohol, solvent abuse and gambling
  • Educational under-achievement from alcohol and solvent abuse

We take the issue of sales of age restricted products to children very seriously. Not only is their health affected but the quality of life of the community at large is also damaged.

Youth disorder, often alcohol related, is a community priority and South Tyneside Council and its partners are determined to do our utmost to stamp out illegal sales and reduce youth disorder.

Report underage sales

Report underage sales online:

Report underage sales