Rogue or unfair trading


Each year, South Tyneside Trading Standards receives numerous complaints about rogue traders. They normally call door to door and it is common for them to offer to do work on driveways, guttering, gardening or roof repairs.

Rogue Traders are criminals.

They appear to be professional trades people, they may use printed leaflets and well maintained vehicles but these can be used to 'con' consumers.

Criminal activities can include fraud, charging high prices for poor work or charging for work that is not done or not necessary and in the worst cases, commit burglary.

The criminals concerned will often target and seek out members of society who are vulnerable; often sharing this information with other criminals.

Although this Service works closely with the Police to stop rogue traders, many of the reports we receive from the public come too late for us to locate the traders and recover money paid. The best way to tackle the problem is to turn them away at the door.

If you have any reports of suspected rogue trader incidents or suspicious activities, or if you would like advice or support on such an incident, contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service.