Electronic cigarette safety information

Changes to the law

From 20th May 2017, vaping or e-shisha devices, and all refills liquids which contain nicotine will have to comply with new safety and labelling rules:

  • Producers and importers of e-devices and liquids must register them with a government agency before they are placed on the market and make sure they are supplied with safety instruction, warnings and contact details
  • Liquids that contain nicotine must be in either a dedicated container with a maximum 10ml volume or, for disposable single use e-cigarette cartridges, in a tank that has a maximum 2ml volume.
  • The liquid containers in devices and refills must be child-resistant, tamper-evident and be protected against breakage and leaking
  • The concentration of nicotine is restricted to 20mg/ml, unless the product is a registered medical device, and additives including colouring, caffeine and taurine are banned
  • Each pack and container must be labelled with 'This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance' in a prescribed format and size

For further information, see GOV.UK for consumer advice on e-cigarette regulations or Business Companion for business advice.