Emergency situations

Cold weather

During the winter months the weather can turn very cold, its important to prepare the home and wear appropriate clothing during this period.

The advice below should help you keep warm during cold periods of weather.

Clothing indoors

  • Wear several thin layers of clothes
  • Wear clothes made from wool, cotton or fleecy synthetic fibres, these will be light and warm
  • At bedtime wear bed socks and a warm nightdress or pyjamas
  • Thermal underwear will provide an extra layer to keep you warm

Clothing outdoors

  • When outdoors in cold weather always wear a coat
  • Under your coat wear several layers of clothing
  • Wear a hat to keep your head warm and gloves to keep your hands warm
  • Wear warm, flat shoes or boots

At home

  • Make sure you know how to turn off your mains water stop valve
  • Examine the insulation of pipes and tanks in the loft. If you believe the insulation to be inadequate (too thin/damaged) you should improve or replace it
  • If you are going to be away from your property overnight or several days, leave your heating on whilst your away. This will help prevent pipes from freezing and the property becoming cold
  • Have a friend/relative visit your property everyday, whilst you're away. If you do suffer a burst pipe, it will then be detected as soon as possible

The GOV.UK: Department of Health and the Met Office websites provide further information on cold weather.