Council Tax discounts

Disregarded discount

You may be eligible for a discount if you or someone who lives with you is:

  • a full time student, student nurse or apprentice youth training trainee
  • a person caring for someone on state benefits (for more than 35 hours a week) who is not their spouse, partner or son/daughter under 18
  • over 18 and still entitled to child benefit
  • a patient living in hospital, nursing or care home
  • receiving care elsewhere
  • an eligible care worker (not all care workers will be eligible for the discount)
  • a resident of hostels for the homeless or night shelters
  • a person in detention
  • a member of a recognised religious community
  • a foreign diplomats
  • a spouse of a foreign student
  • a foreign language assistant
  • a member or dependant of the armed forces visiting the country
  • a member or dependant of an international headquarter or a defence organisation

How to apply

You can apply for a disregarded discount online.

Apply online for a Council tax discount