Listed buildings


A listed building is a building of 'Special Architectural or Historic Interest'. Listing is compiled and managed solely by Historic England.

In the context of listing, the term 'building' is wide ranging and as well as houses, churches, schools and barns, buildings also include walls, tomb stones, milestones, ice houses, bridges and locks, telephone and post boxes.

Once listed, a building (exterior and interior) has protection under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 to ensure that it retains its special importance.

There are approximately 500,000 listed buildings currently protected by listing in England and Wales. South Tyneside has nearly 200 entries on the register of Listed Buildings. Some entries consist of several buildings, such as a terrace of houses.

Heritage List for England

The Heritage List for England is the online database bringing together all nationally designated heritage assets in one place. These include:

  • Listed Buildings
  • Scheduled Monuments
  • Registered Parks and Gardens
  • Registered Battlefields and Protected Wreck Sites

You can search Heritage at Risk in a number of ways, including text searches with keywords, or via a map to locate designated assets in a particular area.