Conservation areas

Trees in conservation areas

Trees are a valuable addition to the areas in which we live and within conservation areas all trees are subject to special protection.

Some trees are also afforded special status through Tree Preservation Orders, which means that the Local Planning Authority's consent must be obtained before they can be cut down, topped or lopped.

If you want to prune or remove trees that are in a conservation area, you will need to complete the tree works application form and submit it to the tree team.

In addition, any work to be carried out on trees that are not the subject of a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) but are sited within the boundary of the conservation area must be notified to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) 6 weeks in advance of works.

The purpose of this requirement is to give the LPA an opportunity to consider bringing the tree under their general control by issuing a tree preservation order.

If you need specific advice on whether a tree is protected or wish to make an application for works to a protected tree you should contact the Tree Team on 0191 424 7336.