Scheduled monument

'Scheduling' is shorthand for the process through which nationally important sites and monuments are given legal protection by being placed on a list, or 'schedule'. Historic England takes the lead in identifying sites in England which should be placed on the schedule. A schedule has been kept since 1882 of monuments whose preservation is given priority over other land uses. The current legislation, the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979, supports a formal system of Scheduled Monument Consent for any work to a designated monument.

Historic England deal with matters relating to Scheduled Monuments, stating that 'Every corner of England holds the archaeological remains of our long and varied history - the farms and forts of our ancestors, their burial grounds and sacred places, their fields and mines. This heritage tells us about past societies. It also enriches our own quality of life, and contributes to local character and sense of place today.'

More detailed guidance is provided by Historic England

Scheduled monuments in South Tyneside

There are five scheduled monuments in South Tyneside:

  • St. Paul's Church, Jarrow*
  • Bede Monastery, Jarrow*
  • Arbeia Roman Fort and Vicus
  • Marsden Lime Kilns, Marsden
  • Lizard Lane Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery

*Please note that St Paul's Monastery and St Paul's Church form one entry on Historic England's National Monuments Record.

Sitelines is Tyne and Wear's public access to the Historic Environment Record which holds information of all sites of archaeological interest and scheduled ancient monuments within the region. It may be accessed via sitelines.

Other important archaeological sites and monuments:

  • South Pier, Lighthouse and Volunteer Life Brigade House
  • Bowes Railway
  • Wrekendyke Roman Road
  • Railway remains: Boldon Colliery - Downhill and Enclosure; Moor Lane, Whitburn
  • Whitburn Tithe Barn

Plus, the following listed buildings:

  • South Groyne, South Shields
  • Trow Rock Floating Platform
  • Whitburn Parish Church
  • Laverick Hall farm
  • Fellgate Farmhouse and Barns
  • Downhill Farm
  • Boldon Mill
  • Whitburn Windmill
  • Cleadon Windmill (within Cleadon Hills conservation area)
  • Souter Lighthouse
  • Hylton Grove Bridge, Follingsby Lane